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Helping students understand all the different phonemes can be so challenging! Alphabet linking charts and blending charts are extremely useful, and this product provides you with a phoneme linking chart to help your students as they read and write! This product helps students with 30 common phonemes that they encounter in reading and writing!

Phonemes Included in the Chart

Unsure if this is something you need? Well, if you teach little ones, this FREEBIE will be a huge help to them. They can use the chart for writing support, for decoding, spelling, and for visual reminders using the picture clues included. The phonemes include: sh, ch, th, ing, all, ar, or, ir, er, ur, oa, ow, ea, ee, eigh, ai, ay, ui, ew, oo, oy, oi, ou, ow, aw, au, wr, kn, wh, ph.

More about the Freebie

Color and B&W versions have both been included, along with options for students to write their names on their own phoneme chart. In my classroom, I found that black & white copies were great so that students could spend time coloring them in and personalizing them. There are also versions with phonemes only, and versions with phonemes in red ink, with the rest of the word (that matches the corresponding picture) in black to show students.

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