Step Up Your Classroom Nametags!

Nametag Desk Strips

If you're like me, getting your classroom ready for a new school year is exciting! There is so much potential for the new school year, and everything is new, fresh, and ready-to-go! 

Nametags in the Classroom

A classroom is an extension of every students' home. Think about it - students will spend the majority of their school year in YOUR classroom! That is why designing a welcoming classroom environment and atmosphere is so important. One of my favorite aspects of getting my classroom ready each year is putting nametags together. Each year I look forward to getting my class lists so I can start learning my students' names (even if I haven't seen or met the students yet). 

I like having nametags on the desks or tables when students first enter the classroom, because it already feels like it's their space, and it gives them a sense of ownership (which is a HUGE deal for many lower-income students).

Classroom Nametag Strips can be a Resource

At the beginning of the year, I may start out with very simple nametag strips, but as we begin to dig into some content and the year gets to be more rigorous in the classwork, I have found that it is helpful to have nametag strips that also serve as a resource. For example, as we dig into different literacy or math concepts, it is helpful for students to have a reference guide or resources to help!

That is why I developed different templates of classroom nametag strips! These nametags can be used with different grade levels, and best of all, some of the templates are black and white, so students can individualize them. I like to have students write their own names, because it is good practice for them, and makes the nametag strips more meaningful.

I will say, it is so important to LAMINATE your students' desk strips first before taping them to the tables or desks. This helps the nametags not to rip or become damaged in some way. I also found it helpful to place contact paper over the laminated nametags, as they seem to last longer than other tape :)

Nametag Strips for Kindergarten, First, Second, and Third Grades

This template is helpful for Kindergarten with the different alphabet letter and picture elements. There are two templates, one has the consonants in red, and vowels in red. The other version has all letters in black, but the vowels are still highlighted. Left and right are noted, and there is a simple number line, and labeled shapes.
This template is helpful for first or second grade, and includes a hundreds chart, symbols showing ones, tens, and hundreds, times (to half hour and hour), and coins.
I used a similar template to this with my third graders; I included a multiplication chart as a handy reference to reinforce students' multiplication skills and to help students use a chart to help. Fraction circles and tiles are both included; one has coins, the other has clocks.
This template is designed for Montessori-style classrooms, and includes labeled grammar symbols, the alphabet in both print and cursive, and labeled and color-coded place value numeration.
This last template is again good for first or second grade, and incorporates elements from the other templates. Most templates are in both black and white.
If you're interested in any of the templates in this post, you can find them all here: